Unknowns Production Blog A New Name And A New Print!

Well three big things of interest here as we plow ahead on the book.


After doing a  new google search for the name The Unknowns, I discovered that there are actually two books named that out there.  One is a comic and another is a kids book.  The comic is actually optioned as a movie with Bret Ratner heading it up.  I decided this is too close and that a new name needed to be instilled.  Really unhappy about it because I feel pretty connected to this name, but I do know that I want my book to be easily recognized and not confused.  So I thought about it and decided to change the name to ADAMSVILLE: BOOK 1 – THE UNKNOWNS.  Adamsville is the name of the city they live in and I thought it gave off the right vibe.And well The Unknowns part is self-explanatory.

2) I have started work on Chapter 2 of the book and it’s clocking in at 25 pages.  It’s penciled in its entirety and printed out now for my printing pleasure.  Here’s a terrible pic from my iPad (I though the camera was supposed to be awesome sauce) :


If you’re like me, you love the strange and paranormal.  And that plays a big part of this book.  I decided to make it a print.  I think it stands alone on its own as an image.  It’s on sale for $11.95 right now.  Pick it up if you like it!  Also my whole store is on SALE!  30% or more for Christmas.  Get that awesome piece of art for your house today!


Pumpkin-Saurus Rex Page 17 – Inktober!

And check out this watercolor I did of the big Pumpkin-Saurus Head!  This was one of my earliest drawings of the character.  It’s on sale in my original paintings section of my store for  just $34.95.  Free shipping!  Check it out along with my other watercolors from $29.95.  Huzzah to you all!  THE ORIGINALS SECTION!

Inktober Page 08 &Watercolors Section in THE ADVENTURE SHOP opens

Here is the first drawing I did of beast!  He’s a really fun design.  I can’t get enough of drawing him!

As a result of Inktober, I’ve been getting back into making watercolor paintings and enjoying the medium a lot.  These paintings I’m doing are up for sale.  $49.95 and free shipping.  The first two up are of Yoda and Sheriff Woody.  If interested in picking up either, visit my shop and you can get the details there:  THE ADVENTURE SHOP: ORIGINAL SECTION


If you are interested in having me do something for you, I am open for commissions and you can find all of the details on my commissions page!





Story’s Castle – New Print

At long last I finished my newest painting.  I took a month off from working on digital paintings because I was having some pretty bad eye fatigue and a newborn kept us busy too.  But this is a new painting that I have been wanting to do for awhile.  When Story saw it she said it was her castle and I thought it was a great name!  So here’s the new painting: STORY’S CASTLE

Right now you can get this print for 20% off this week AND  FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING on your entire order if you use promo code: celebrate.  Offer is good through 09/17/2011 so jump ons it!


Tooth Fairy – A Process

I wanted to share with you all the collaborative process that went into making the rendition of the Tooth Fairy I recently made.  I was asked by Safari of Smiles founder Dr. Ivis Alvarez to paint a version of her “boss”  the Tooth Fairy and as we talked about ideas I got really excited about it.  I saw it as a nice chance to try something new and explore new grounds for me creatively.  On the outset I felt I wanted a very businessy feel to the character. My first pass at her was just to get the ideas going with each other.  Here was the first sketch:

As you can see, not much here.  The general consensus was that she looked too young and a bit too nerdy.  So my first order of business was re-envision her face.  Which led to this:

Dr. Alvarez and I agreed on this study of her face and the direction it was going in.  So then it moved into dress and apparel.  This is where I am not the best person on for women, lol.  But the general idea was something more princess like.  So my original thought, because I was thinking a bit more businessy and more straight laced, that something more along the lines of Sleeping Beauty was best.  Which led to this:

So, getting closer!  Dr. Alvarez and I agreed on the colors, but she felt still it felt too formal.  This is where we talked though my understanding of what she was going for and I realized I was too rigid.  So she sent me a very good email giving me some examples of things she was thinking and this let me give the look of her an overhaul.  Which led to this version of her:

NOW WE’RE TALKING!  The only thing we went back and forth on here for a good while was the color of her hair!  I liked the blue, but Dr. Alvarez did not.  🙂  So we went through a number of revisions.  Finally landing on the final version:

I hope you enjoyed this look through the creative process.  If you are interested in learning more about how you can commission me please CONTACT ME!  And thanks for visiting!

Safari of Smiles Unveiling!

A few months ago I began working on a series of paintings for a local dentistry called Safari of Smiles.  The first task was to do design for our own version of the Tooth Fairy to compliment the office.  From there, I was asked to make some art to go along with the animal characters she had created for the office. We tried something a bit different for the design of the Tooth Fairy.  A jungle themed version.  We had all of them printed off on canvas to give a traditional look to the pieces, even though all of them were painted digitally.  Here are all seven paintings along with my Tooth Fairy and photos from the opening event!

Next blog post will show the process of designing the Tooth Fairy which was an interesting metamorphosis!

Finally my little Pumpkin with her face painted like a Tiger!  It was a great evening!  Thanks to all who came out!

Beach Afternoon

I love painting traditional subject matter as much as I love painting fantastical things and imaginative worlds.  And truthfully painting those traditional scenes help me better my understanding of the world which then helps my fantasy paintings be more convincing.  I decided to take a small break from some of my bigger more conceptual pieces and painted a piece from a recent trip to the beach with my family.  Prints are up and available as well.  And on sale!

Click To Enlarge!

You can get prints of the piece in the landscapes section of my shop!

The Battle of NYC

Here’s my latest piece.  I really tried to push the epic with this piece.    Really happy with it and its time to move on to the next thing.  Thanks!

Keep an eye on my TWITTER page for when I will be ready to list the print version of the painting!

UPDATE:  PRINT IS UP NOW AND ON SALE!  Also, free shipping sidewide.  Just use code: aliens

New Painting and Upcoming Shows

Recently completed a new pirate painting for my shop.  It’s a continuation on my imagination series, which has just taken a turn for the epic in some of the newer pieces I am preparing.  If you would like to buy a print of this however you can pick one up here, along with other fun paintings for boys and girls:  The Adventure Shop: Boys Section

Also I will be attending the Riverside Arts Market this weekend, June 4th, in Jacksonville, FL.  If you can make it, please stop by and say hey.  We’ll have prints and original art for sale.  See you under the bridge!