Eleven from Stranger Things – Prints Available

I LOVED Stranger Things.  If you read my comics you might see why.  Lol.  So I did this tribute to my favorite character, Eleven.

You can get 12×18 prints of the piece in my online store.  Right here: http://www.store.michaeleregina.com/product/stranger-things-eleven/

Also on Teefury.com! http://www.teefury.com/i-am-the-monster



I’ve Been Making Book Covers

Hey everyone!  Sorry for the lack of blog posts lately, but I have been very busy trying to get Adamsville 2 into port on time so I can have it at the printers by November!  It has a long good ways to go but I feel optimistic about the journey ahead.  There’s a lot to talk about with Adamsville in the future, but I wanted to share some of the other work I have been doing lately.

One of the things I have been working on has been illustration and designing book covers for other authors.  I recently finished up four different books, spanning a number of topics.

For something on the more illustrative side of thing, I recently finished covers for author Scott King’s books “National Cthulhu Eats Spaghetti Day” and a choose your own adventure book called “The Eyes of Hastur.”  Here’s the covers for both:

lineart1 (1) 2-wrap-around- finished


Illustrating covers for middle-grade and young adult books is something I have been wanting to do more of, so these books as well as a few others I am working on for Scott, have been a lot of fun!

On the design side, I recently finished the cover for the book, “The Road To Briarwood.”  This is a follow up to the book Treverode The Defender, a book I also designed the cover to.  Written by Holly Bebernitz, you can learn more about both books on Amazon.com 



And last but not least, I helped design the cover for a Elaine Keith’s book “Living Expectantly: Extraordinary Living In An Ordinary World.”  A great book on faith and life.



As an author I know how important a good cover is and it’s been awesome getting the chance to help other’s books be presented well.  Here’s hoping I keep getting better at it!

Self-Portrait! Me Against My Monsters

selfie-webI had a blast putting together this little fun self-portrait.  I will be using this for an article  that I’ll post about more soon, but I wanted to share this image now.

I really want to make scary sort of comics and Twilight Zone style plot lines so I thought this would be a fun little tribute to my goals and aspirations.  Have you guys ever tried drawings yourself with the things that haunt your head?

Wexter! And Pt. 3 Of An Interview With Me On The Underfold

You guys! AXECOP! Am I right? I love that comic and the show. So when Ethan Nicolle asked me a do a pinup for the next trade paperback I got super excited. Also scared. How do I bring something awesome to something SO awesome? I could only turn to one place. Wexter:

Hopefully I did a solid enough job on the guy. If you’ve never read Axe Cop you are missing out. I mean there’s a t-rex with guns on his arms! And he wears sunglasses. Seriously go check it out.

Interview On The Underfold

My good friend Brian Russell is one of the most awesome guys around and he’s been doing an interview series with other artists that he runs throughout  a month.  This week, your truly is the featured guest.  Pt. 3 went up today.  So swing by and check  it out!  While you’re there be sure to check out his comic too.  He just restarted it and its going in some crazy fun places!

Words On Pessimism For Artists

I can get pretty pessimistic sometimes about my art and where it had taken my career wise to this point in my life.  To those closest to me, I know it comes as no shock.  But I also know that they all feel the same way… and often.  We want to be more successful, or “popular” (which in the art world, success usually correlates to this).  We want to see things change and we wonder if they ever will!  If we ever will make enough money to support our family with our work, or even just ourselves!  I sometimes look out across the expanse of job opportunities in this art world and wonder if I should quit comics altogether and pursue animation…  Surely that’s where the money and living is to be made, right? Right?

Truth is I don’t know.  I don’t know where the living is to be made in art, nor do I think it’s that simple.  I always have these very odd interactions with co-workers where they will come up to me and ask how my books are going.  I tell them about how I’m seeking out a publisher and that I don’t know if that will work out (it didn’t).  But they’d always say to me, “so when you get that book deal you’re out of here, right?”  To which I have to explain the industry to them and let them know that’s not very likely.  I always leave the conversation with just a statement that, I will treat it like any other work decision:  I will do what makes the most sense for my family.

But why keep going then?  And to be frank I don’t really want to write a post about never giving up, and believing in your dreams.  We all know those things.  We hear them like a mantra and they are very true things to be sure.  But that doesn’t always lift your spirit when you’re wishing things were going in a different direction.  Instead I want to talk about seeing past your situation and what you can take with you to feel more optimistic about things.

First I think we need to stop thinking so much about the future.  I’m not saying don’t think about your goals.  I’m saying, have a goal and go after that goal with all of your intensity.  Really pursue it.  Not halfheartedly.  My goal is to make graphic novels that are read and enjoyed by a mass of people.  Well the first step I have is to focus on making books worthy of that!  So I have to make books and be intense about them!  I can’t predict what opportunities will come my way.  In fact when I think about it and the likelihood of it panning out the way I have hoped since I was a kid, I get pessimistic.  But that does me no good.  None whatsoever.  All that helps is to pick myself up and go after this book with everything I had.  As a general rule, you earn the opportunities you are given.  So go earn them!  When you focus on what you CAN do, the future, which is always more scary,  can just take care of itself.

Second, realize you’re already doing the thing your aspiring towards.  I give credit to my friend Josh Ulrich on this one.  We were having a discussion about art and careers.  I said something to the effect of, “man I’m most interested in just making these comics!”  He then reminded me that I’m already doing that!  No one is taking it away from me.  I didn’t need to have it be a full time job to make it a reality.  It is a reality because I went and made it.  How empowering is that?!  There’s not a lot of room for moaning about things, when I’m already doing the very thing I’m aspiring towards.  It just needs to be owned, and really embraced by me to have the pessimism go away.  I’m doing the thing I would always do even if no one was paying me to do it…  And consequently no one isl, lol.  BUT maybe that changes!  Who knows?   What I do know is, there’s reason to be excited, because there’s work to be done that I can do.  And if I can do it with all my might and get better… the future is anyone’s guess.  But that can take care of itself.

Story’s Book : The Penguin, T-Rex and Kitty

My three year old daughter loves to come up with stories with us (her name is also Story).  A few months back I was looking for something fun to do with her since we kind of getting burned out on the books we had around the house and the coloring books we had, so I decided we should  make one.

It was a really terribly drawn book called the Owl.  Basically Story just said one thing after the other that the owl was doing and I did a quick drawing of it with crayon.  Here’s a page from it:

It was really just something fun for us to do, but Story LOVED IT!  She asked to read it over and over again, every night.  But then one day Story colored over the whole thing.  I was pretty bummed out about it.  I decided I wanted to try and actually for real draw one of her stories, so we moved to the computer so we would always have a clean file and she spun this little web…  Her most ambitious, funny and coherent story yet.

The ending cracks me up, even if its a little unsettling.  Lol.  But hey she’s a three year old. It’s such fun making these books with her.  I think we are going to work on making another three or so and I’ll do a small print run for her or something.  This is also something that was put forward to me that other’s might be interested in commissioning with their own kid’s stories.  If this is something people out there would be interested in having me do for their kids let me know!