Eleven from Stranger Things – Prints Available

I LOVED Stranger Things.  If you read my comics you might see why.  Lol.  So I did this tribute to my favorite character, Eleven.

You can get 12×18 prints of the piece in my online store.  Right here: http://www.store.michaeleregina.com/product/stranger-things-eleven/

Also on Teefury.com! http://www.teefury.com/i-am-the-monster



Reflecting Back On 9 Years Of Creating Adamsville

I legit got a bit emotional inking pages of Adamsville 3 this week. It hit me that this will be the last time I draw these characters in a story like this. That ideas I first came up with 9 years ago, are finally coming to an end and becoming a reality for people to read. And it made me thankful. So I hope you’ll allow this sappy creator to say this, two months before Book 3 premieres on Webtoons in October.
Not much of how I thought all of this would pan out has come to pass. I didn’t get a publishing deal the way I hoped in the beginning. I pitched it to every major publisher I could get it out to TWICE! Each time they declined. After the first round of rejections it took me three years to finally get up the courage and determination to make it anyways. I had to work hard to make a book with no pay (like so many of my fellow creators), print it myself, and pound the pavement with it, slowly hoping it would find its audience.
And it did! I’ve visited schools numerous times where I receive letters and emails long after I’ve left, telling me just how much Adamsville has encouraged their students. Or parents who said their kids have read the books more times than they can count. And a few adults too 😉 I love that when kids are given a chance to read this series, they seem to love it. It’s why I started doing this in the first place, to create something I would loved read as a kid, and I couldn’t ask for more.
But then I got more. Last year, Webtoons offered me a featured comic spot on their platform and it began reaching a larger audience than I ever had before. Having the support of my editor, Emily Jae Young Han, David Shinok Lee and everyone else at Webtoons was certainly unexpected and so awesome. They’re doing awesome things in comics and I’m so glad I get to be a part of it. Thank you for the opportunity and believing in my comics. I hope I give you an awesome finale over the next year.
And just a final thank you to all of you guys, my friends and family who supported me in following this crazy dream I’ve had since I was in 3rd grade. When I was a kid, I dreamed of signing my own books, tabling at conventions, creating my own universes… All of that awesomeness. And it’s happened… And I couldn’t be more grateful.
And with that I’ll close. I have a page to finish inking and a story to finish writing… I’m so ready to give all you an awesome finale and can’t wait for you to see what I have coming next.

3 Days Left To Fund Adamsville 2 On Kickstarter

We have just over 3 days left to fund the printing of Adamsville 2.  If you haven’t backed the campaign yet, PLEASE DO!  I need your support to make this book happen, and it won’t without your pre-orders.  There’s lots of options in the reward tiers for you all to get original art, sketches in your books, you can even be in the final book of the series running from monsters!

Please hop on over and give the campaign a look.  Thank you all so much and let’s do this!


book 2 cover concept-float

Adamsville Book 2 Kickstarter Launched!

Hey everyone!  Just a quick note that Adamsville book 2 is up on Kickstarter!  Please consider backing the campaign and helping me get this thing into print!   You can get to the campaign by going to WWW.GETTHISCOMIC.COM!

book 2 cover concept-float

Also, book 2 starts serializing on Webtoons next Saturday, November 7th!  I’ll be sure to post an update here, but Webtoons also has RSS built in now as well as a way to subscribe to the book through their system.  It updates every Saturday morning at 12AM EST.  Thank you all for reading my book and your support!  See ya soon!

I’ve Been Making Book Covers

Hey everyone!  Sorry for the lack of blog posts lately, but I have been very busy trying to get Adamsville 2 into port on time so I can have it at the printers by November!  It has a long good ways to go but I feel optimistic about the journey ahead.  There’s a lot to talk about with Adamsville in the future, but I wanted to share some of the other work I have been doing lately.

One of the things I have been working on has been illustration and designing book covers for other authors.  I recently finished up four different books, spanning a number of topics.

For something on the more illustrative side of thing, I recently finished covers for author Scott King’s books “National Cthulhu Eats Spaghetti Day” and a choose your own adventure book called “The Eyes of Hastur.”  Here’s the covers for both:

lineart1 (1) 2-wrap-around- finished


Illustrating covers for middle-grade and young adult books is something I have been wanting to do more of, so these books as well as a few others I am working on for Scott, have been a lot of fun!

On the design side, I recently finished the cover for the book, “The Road To Briarwood.”  This is a follow up to the book Treverode The Defender, a book I also designed the cover to.  Written by Holly Bebernitz, you can learn more about both books on Amazon.com 



And last but not least, I helped design the cover for a Elaine Keith’s book “Living Expectantly: Extraordinary Living In An Ordinary World.”  A great book on faith and life.



As an author I know how important a good cover is and it’s been awesome getting the chance to help other’s books be presented well.  Here’s hoping I keep getting better at it!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and My Little Pony Team Up Time!

pinky-ralp-web tmnt-mlp-01-web


So my daughter Story, who wrote our children’s book The Dragon Book, has been dying to see a My Little Pony and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle team up.  While I was on paternity leave with my son being born, we knocked a couple of them out.  The top one cracks me up, because we joked about how much Ralphael would just be aggravated to no end by Pinky Pie.  They were a lot of fun.  I hope you all like them too!

Adamsville Business Phase No. 2 Begins

Hey everyone.  I thought it would be a good time to sort of give a State of the Union on the comic and where things are headed next.

First off the Kickstarter is completely finished.  Which has been nice to get that off the plate and give much more attention to book 2’s production.  Overall, that process went very smooth and everyone got their books and commissions in one piece.

The comic conventions and book shows have been fun to be a part of and the book has been well received at every show I’ve attended.  It’s been one of my greatest joys in making these books in seeing kids pick up my book right in front of me, excited and tearing right through it.  Getting emails weeks later from them saying how much they enjoy it, has been pretty surreal as well.

Sales of the book have been good over that time period, with us moving close to 100 copies sold separately from the Kickstarter campaign.  But things have been pretty much dying out for the time being…  The main issue being that the people who know me and my work for the most part have already purchased it.  So I’m starting up the next phase of this whole process, centered around putting the book in front of more people.

The next area of focus for me is going to center on libraries and schools, and in general getting books into the hands of kids as much as possible.  I have an announcement that I can make very soon that is very exciting for the book, which will make long strides in getting the books to kids nationwide.  The remainder of my shows for the year are focused on book stores, book fairs and school visits, with one small local comic show thrown in.

I’ve mostly been learning that my primary audience are kids and I want to be in front of them as much as possible.  My experience with comics specific events have not had quite the excitement around them that I find when I’m in a more book centered event.

And so for some news on book 2 progress.  It’s coming along slowly but surely.  I have had to pretty much slow down all work on commissions to be able to focus on my work with the book.  Once all of the commission work is off my plate, hopefully I’ll see a very steady process of putting work behind me start to happen.  Lots to share with on that in the coming months as things pick up.  So stay tuned.