New Disney Villains Portrait – Maleficent!

Well to celebrate the release of the new Maleficent movie, I decided to go ahead and do another Disney Villains portrait of the lady herself.

maleficient-final-webShe was a lot of fun to paint just as the others in my series have been.  If you haven’t checked them out, please click here to see all the previous Disney Villains portraits.  Remember to go see the movie, in theaters today!

Also, my friend Nicholas Kole is one of the most talented folks I know and awesomely enough he illustrated the Maleficent book that came out recently!  He wrote a great post of the process of creating that book right here!  And you should check it out!  I mean look at this!

And if you are new here and haven’t read my comic Adamsville, check it out here!

Disney Villains Set 2 – Dr. Facillier

Wow.  It’s been a long good while!  But here we are!  I wanted to share with you all my latest Disney Villains portrait of The Princess and The Frog’s Dr. Facillier.  He’s by far my favorite villain in the recent batch of animated films.  I hope you all enjoy this one!


As always I like to put in the video that has the villain’s song from the movie:


Be sure to check out the rest of my Disney Villain portraits!

New Store Open

The astute members of the reader base will notice that a new link is available at the top of the page in the banner.  I recently redesigned and relocated my online store: The Adventure Shop



You can now purchase my prints and a e-book version of my children’s book The Dragon Book through the store.  Adamsville material will be making it’s way to the store once I have confirmed that the books are in and look great!  Swing by and check out the new store!


This year myself along with a number of other fantastic artists have pulled together to help raise funds to end human trafficking.  It’s a fatastic cause and the project was pretty awesome!  This year’s theme was “awkward school photos.”  With your donation you get an amazing hi-res wallpaper made by other comics creators featuring 167 characters sporting their best school garb.  Like this shot of Todd:


You can help us get to our goal of $5,000 by clicking on the link below.  It will take you to the fundraising page for Adamsville!  Thank you everyone for you commitment and contribution.  CONTRIBUTE TODAY and help us end this awful reality!  Thank you all for being awesome!



Galactus Painting Tutorial – Part 1

Hey everyone! I’m trying something new and I want to share it with you all. I am working on a new character portrait and recording a video tutorial, in real time of how I paint these things.  For this painting I am working on a portrait of Glactus as proposed by awesome artist and friend Mike Maihack.  It didn’t take much of a nudge because I love Galactus so much 🙂  I have posted the first video up which just takes you from my first drawing up to a basic toned image. Along the way I talk about how I do all of this and share some thoughts on beginning to learn digital painting. Hopefully you enjoy it!

Here is the basic drawing and image we ended up with by the end of the video.

I will be only working on this painting in my videos so you won’t miss anything. Please feel free to leave questions for me and I will be happy to talk about them in future videos! Thanks for coming by!

If you are wanting to learn about how I made my most recent graphic novel you can find more details at

Safari of Smiles Logo Redesign! – Commissions

I was recently asked by local pediatric dentist office, friend and patron to my arts Safari of Smiles to update their logo.  It was a fun project as always!  Here are the three versions I made.  Also remember I am available for commission on your project.  Feel free to contact me to talk about your project to see what I can do to help!