New Disney Villains Portrait – Maleficent!

Well to celebrate the release of the new Maleficent movie, I decided to go ahead and do another Disney Villains portrait of the lady herself.

maleficient-final-webShe was a lot of fun to paint just as the others in my series have been.  If you haven’t checked them out, please click here to see all the previous Disney Villains portraits.  Remember to go see the movie, in theaters today!

Also, my friend Nicholas Kole is one of the most talented folks I know and awesomely enough he illustrated the Maleficent book that came out recently!  He wrote a great post of the process of creating that book right here!  And you should check it out!  I mean look at this!

And if you are new here and haven’t read my comic Adamsville, check it out here!

Disney Villains Set 2 – Dr. Facillier

Wow.  It’s been a long good while!  But here we are!  I wanted to share with you all my latest Disney Villains portrait of The Princess and The Frog’s Dr. Facillier.  He’s by far my favorite villain in the recent batch of animated films.  I hope you all enjoy this one!


As always I like to put in the video that has the villain’s song from the movie:


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Disney Villains Returns – Mother Gothel – Young

Well I finally got to work on a new set of Disney Villains portraits and up first wil Mother Gothel!  I love her character in Tangled and it as a film is one of my favorite Disney films period.  You’ll notice I named this one Mother Gothel – Young, because I may or may not have something else planned soon.  So keep an eye out for that.  Hope you like the portrait and feel free to share it around! 🙂


Disney Villains – Scar & the Set

I finished my final painting in my first Disney Villains set. Scar is, I think, the most evil of the villains from that great era. From here I will be getting some things together for my next set and I am submitting this set to Disney this week! We’ll see where it goes!

Here’s the great song that highlights just how evil this guy is!  EVIL!

And here’s the est of the set in my first group:

Disney Villains – Gaston

One of the biggest movies for me as a kid was Beauty and the Beast.  I don’t know why exactly, but it was.  And Gaston is just awesome.  I tried to bring out his cocky attitude in this piece while still giving of that vibe that this dude is no good on the inside.  Really enjoying this series and I have one more left in this first set.  Look for that one next week!

Click for Enbiggering!

And don’t forget to watch the song that says it all about this guy.  Pure gold!

Disney Villains – Ursula – WIP

In continuing with my series on Disney villains painting, this is the latest piece in progress.  Ursula from THE LITTLE MERMAID.  I thought it would be fun to make one big scroll of the work in progress for you to view.  The next update will be the finished piece. So keep your eyes out for that in the next two days or so!  Let me know what you think so far!

Jafar – Disney Villains – part 2

So, no that I have  a values painting that I am happy with, I can take that painting and add color.  Here are the values version of the painting and then the colors as they stand.

From here it’s details and texture to make the whole thing leave the realm of an animated look and I will be going for something a bit more realistic with the final piece.  So look for that soon!